How To Watch 145th Kentucky Derby 2019 Live Stream Online Guide

Kentucky Derby 2019

How to watch the 145th Kentucky Derby 2019 Live Stream Online

If you’re someone who’s really into sports and prefers fashion over comfort, then following the Kentucky Derby might be a thing for you. For over a hundred of years, this sporting event has become a tradition for many American families. One of these traditions is the showing off of your newest set of hats. Yes, hats. The Kentucky Derby wouldn’t be the Kentucky Derby we know and love this day if it weren’t for the oversized hats that vary from extreme to elegant. Some people might even say that they only attend the Derby for the annual pageantry of hats (you didn’t hear it from me.) So what are the things you need to know when you want to follow this racing event, hold on to your mint juleps (a cocktail with a base of Old Forester Straight Bourbon Whiskey with sprigs of fresh mint served in a silver cup that has associated itself with this event for over a hundred years) as I guide you through the things you need to know for you to be ready for this year’s 145th Kentucky Derby.

First things first, what is the Kentucky Derby? The Derby is an annual horse racing event, which takes on the first Saturday of May, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The first derby in Kentucky happened on May 17, 1875. Inspired from England’s very own Epsom Derby, Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., decided to organize Kentucky’s very first run. The first Kentucky Derby ran at 1 ½ miles had fifteen three-year-old horses, and had an estimated crowd of ten thousand people. Successful as it was, it wasn’t until May 16th of 1925 was the Kentucky Derby broadcasted live on the radio, allowing all of North America to follow this age old event. By this time even people who weren’t able to fly to Kentucky are given the chance to participate to this racing event, and by May 7th of 1949, the first live television of the Kentucky Derby took place, showing all of America what spectacular event the Kentucky Derby is.

Events like this don’t go down in history by being the biggest race in the world, no; events like this go down in history by having millions of committed families from around the world who believe attendance is a must at the Kentucky Derby. Traditions like attending this week long event are being passed down to generations by some families, it most important especially when this two minute race has a festival before hand, consisting of cocktails, thick stew of beef chicken pork and vegetables, and of course, the lavish outfits accessorized with elaborate hats.

Hats, contrary to popular belief, don’t make the greatest two minutes in sports. I personally believe it is when a couple of hundred thousand attendees sing to My Old Kentucky Home when the band strikes up as the horses step onto the track for the Derby’s post parade. The feeling of being a part of something big is what some people go back to every year to Kentucky. So if this is your first time following this event, better learn My Old Kentucky Home by Stephen Foster (need not to worry, I will provide you with the lyrics):

The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home,

Tis summer, the people are gay;

The corn-top’s ripe and the meadow’s in the bloom

While the birds make music all day.

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor

All merry, all happy and bright;

By’n by hard times comes a knocking at the door

Then my old Kentucky home, goodnight!

Weep no more my lady.

Oh! Weep no more today!

We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home

For the old Kentucky home, far away.

Chills! Am I right? Since 1936, attendees has been singing along to this song as the Louisville Marching Band give off a spectacular performance, making their way from the paddock to the starting gate. Even though there is no definitive history of when My Old Kentucky Home actually became a part of this racing event, I believe it is safe to say that when everyone in the stand starts to sing to the song the marching band is performing, it has become a part of tradition.

Aside from singing with hundreds of thousands of people, Kentucky Derby attendees also fly to Kentucky for the historical landmark it provides. The Twin Spires is a landmark recognizable by its iconic hexagonal spires in Churchill Downs. Visitors from all around the world, make sure they get to go and see this monument, for the beauty of symmetry and balance of this craft has become not only Churchill Downs’ landmark, but for the whole of Kentucky.

Okay, enough about tradition, let’s talk about the people that you will get to mingle at the Derby Day event. The Kentucky Derby has become an event where seeing and being with the rich and famous is a norm. Since the beginning of this event, celebrities not only from Hollywood, but from all around the globe fly down to Kentucky to witness this spectacle. One of the first actresses being spotted to attend the Kentucky Derby dates way back in 1877, when famed Polish actress Helena Modjeska flew down to Kentucky to attend the third running of the Kentucky Derby. Aside from the rich and famous, powerful politicians also attend this horse racing event. Fun fact: seven of these politicians were, and some, have become the United State president. However, Richard M. Nixon was the only one who has attended the Kentucky Derby while still serving the oval office.

While powerful politicians go down to Kentucky for the this event, royalties from the country of this event’s inspiration, fly all the way from the other side of the globe to witness this horse racing event. Some of these royalties are: Edward George Villiers Stanley, the 17th Earl of Derby whose family name gave life to the sporting event Derby. Edward VIII the Duke of Windsor, who romantically renounced his British throne after falling in love with Wallace Simpson. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret was the sister of Queen of England while Lord Snowdon was a British photographer and film maker who was known to live a lavish lifestyle. Last but definitely not the least is Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Philip was the Duke of Edinburgh who was born into the Greek and Danish royal families while Queen Elizabeth II was the first born child of the Duke and Duchess of York, making her the heir of the United Kingdom.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s move on the race itself. The race would be competed between 20 three year old horses, which would then need to finish 35 races, excluding the main track at Twin Spires. The four top horses that finish the races would earn a spot at the starting gate in the Kentucky Derby race which has a winning purse of 2 million dollars. All tracks run on dirt, the differences are the length of each race. Now that you know how the race runs, I will teach you how to bet on the horse of your choice.

Placing a win bet, would mean that the horse of your choice would need to win in order for you to win. When you put a place bet, that would mean your horse must win or finish second for you to win. Now if you place a show bet, that means your horse mush finish first, second or third for you to win. Calculating the betting odds can be confusing, as the odds get higher as the bets get higher; no one really knows the odds of their wager until the betting window closes and the race stars. However, looking at last year’s winner can help you decide on who and which type of bet you would consider for this year’s 145th Kentucky Derby.

144th Kentucky Derby Results

Quarter: 22.24

Half Mile 45.77

3/4 mile 1:11.01

Final 2:04.2

Position Number Name
1 7 Justify
2 6 Good Magic
3 5 Audible
4 15 Instilled Regard
5 10 My Boy Jack
6 13 Bravazo
7 9 Hofburg
8 8 Lone Sailor
9 18 Vino Rosso
10 17 Solomini
11 1 Firenze Fire
12 11 Bolt D’Oro
13 4 Flameaway
14 12 Enticed
15 3 Promises Fulfilled
16 2 Free Drop Billy
17 19 Noble Indy
18 20 Combatant
19 16 Magnum Moon
20 14 Mendelssohn

Last year’s results can help you get the gist of what’s to come this year, but what will help you select the victory horse for this year’s Kentucky Derby is the 2018-2019 Kentucky Derby Prep Season:

145th Kentucky Derby Prep Season


September 15, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1

American Pharaoh

September 29, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1


October 6, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1

Breeders’ Futurity

October 6, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1

Breeders’ Cup Juvenile

November 2, 2018

Points 20 8 4 2

Kentucky Jockey Club

November 24, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1


December 1, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1

Los Alamitos Futurity

December 8, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1

Springboard Mile

December 16, 2018

Points 10 4 2 1


January 1, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1


January 5, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1


January 19, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1

Smarty Jones

January 25, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1

Robert B. Lewis

February 2, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1


February 2, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1

Sam F. Davis

February 9, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1

El Camino Real Derby

February 16, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1


February 18, 2019

Points 10 4 2 1

145th Kentucky Derby Championship Season

Risen Star

February 16, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

Fountain of Youth

March 2, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5


March 9, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

San Felipe

March 9, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

Tampa Bay Derby

March 9, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

Jeff Ruby Steaks

March 9, 2019

Points 20 8 4 2


March 16, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

Louisiana Derby

March 23, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Sunland Derby

March 24, 2019

Points 50 20 10 5

UAE Derby

March 30, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Florida Derby

March 30 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Wood Memorial

April 6, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Blue Grass

April 6, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Santa Anita Derby

April 6, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Arkansas Derby

April 13, 2019

Points 100 40 20 10

Lexington Stakes

April 13, 2019

Points 20 8 4 2

145th Kentucky Derby Top 20 Point Earners

1 War of Will

Points 60

2 Game Winner

Points 30

3 Country House

Points 20

4 Knicks Go

Points 18

5 Signalman

Points 18

6 Gunmetal Gray

Points 18

7 Long Range Toddy

Points 16

8 Mucho Gusto

Points 14

9 Maximus Mischief

Points 12

10 Tax

Points 12

11 Super Steed

Points 10

12 Mind Control

Points 10

13 Improbable

Points 10

14 Harvey Wallbanger

Points 10

15 Well Defined

Points 10

16 Gray Attempt

Points 10

17 Anothertwistafate

Points 10

18 Roiland

Points 10

19 Hog Creek Hustle

Points 9

20 Sueno

Points 8

Now that you’re all prepped and ready to go, the only thing missing is the day of the Kentucky Derby itself. There is more than one way of watching the racing event of the year, if you can’t fly to Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby because of adulting responsibilities or simply don’t want to spend money on tickets for the breathtaking view of the race and luxury furnishings, fret not, I have got you covered.

You can still watch and follow the Kentucky Derby online, NBC Sports will be covering the event live which will be available to you on the day of the event, wherever you are in the globe. Pre and Post Derby Race events would also be available on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, giving you a chance to get a glimpse of the lavish horse racing event.

Watch Kentucky Derby On NBC Sports

On May 4, 2019, the day of the event, Kentucky Derby Undercard, Kentucky Derby 145 and Derby Red Carpet will be airing live on NBC Sports. Kentucky Derby Undercard will be airing on 12 noon until 2:30pm ET, Kentucky Derby 145 will air from 2:30 until 7:30pm ET while Derby Red Carpet would be airing from 12:30 to 2:30 pm ET on the Derby Day. NBC has been providing race coverage and analysis live both on T.V and online, making it easier for you to catch the annual horse riding event.

NBC Sports even provides an app where you can catch live streams. So on the day of the Kentucky Derby, you can either head on to their website or download the app for free, and you will be able to follow the live coverage for the 145th Kentucky Derby.

In addition to all of these, fans would be able to go behind the scenes and watch extra clips of the event at the NBC Sports website. Live clips of what attendees can’t see would be available to the eyes of those who are watching at home, in a way this is a perk for catching the live coverage from NBC Sports instead of flying down to Kentucky yourself.

NBC Sports in your Smartphone

The NBC App is now available for all iOS and Android devices, bringing the network channel directly to your very own mobile screens. We really are at the peak of our technology, giving us the opportunity to stream our favorite shows from our smartphone or tablet’s screens’. Not only that, the NBC app allows live TV everywhere, meaning we can stream NBC’s live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby from any parts of the United State.

Being able to stream from your smartphone provides ease and convenience. We are now able to watch anywhere at any time, given that we have an internet connection. This also makes watching our favorite shows more affordable, now we don’t have the need to buy a television just to be entertained. If you’re a millennial who lives alone and can barely pay rent, you don’t need a smart TV in your pad because the world is accessible within your mobile device. You want to know what the best part with all of these is. Advertisement/Commercial free, yup, no more waiting through that boring commercial or wishing you could skip through that ad, online streams give you what you want, which is the show that you want to watch itself.

Now that I have provided you with the knowledge of how and where to catch the live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby 2019, there’s no reason for you not to follow this annual tradition. So go on and buy yourself an extravagant hat and silver cup to put on your very own mint julep, and sit back, relax, turn on your streaming device and let the lavish lifestyle of this event fill you.

NBC Sports in Smart T.V (without cable)

If you’re living in the same time as the rest of the world, you probably have already cut your cable and satellite services. Cable bundles can become so expensive and extremely wasteful, since, let’s be honest, you don’t really watch all of the channels provided by your service provider. Now you might be wondering, how are you going to catch live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby 2019? Fret not, NBC Channels are available in smart T.V’s (internet T.V’s) meaning you would be able to catch your favorite sports shows, including the live coverage of the Kentucky Derby. and NBC App

Smart TV’s come with internet services. Make sure your T.V is connected to your home Wi-Fi for you can access and download the NBC app for your TV. With this process you will be able to watch live streams, on-demand episodes and web contents from and the NBC app.

Sign up to and have access all NBC shows and live streams. Sign up with your email or continue with your facebook account to start watching. By creating your own account, you will be able to continue watching shows across your different devices, you will also get to favorite episodes and vote for artists on The Voice during live shows.

145th Kentucky Derby 2019 Live coverage Tv Channels

Sling TV

Sling TV is the most inexpensive streaming service. Majority of people who cut their ties with cable services tend to turn to Sling TV as this is the cheapest streaming service there is today, whereas you can sign up for as low as 25 dollars a month. With their cheapest plan, you will be getting 40 channels including NBCSN, AMC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc, allowing you to catch the live updates on the 145th Kentucky Derby.


Fubo costs about 45 dollars a month for a total of 70 channels, depending on what kind of plan you are getting. Fubo will give you channels it has contract with such as NBC, CBS, ABC affiliates, Fox affiliates, Food Networks, CNBC, CBC News, etc, providing you with the live coverage on the Derby Day. Fubo is also available on iOS and Android, and can be accessed on web browsers and major streaming platforms.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu is one of the newer services for Internet T.V, meaning they have fewer subscribers compared to other streaming services. Hulu simplifies things as they only have one plan which is 45 dollars a month providing you with as low as 40 and high as 70 channels. You will get local stations of NBC, as well as CBS, Fox, and all ABC stations. So unless you live in Kentucky, you won’t be able to catch the 145th Kentucky Derby with Hulu.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV has become one of the most popular internet streaming TV because of their great selection of plans and channels. They have four different plans, including: 35 dollars per month for 60+ channels, 50 dollars per month for 80+ channels, 60 dollars per month for 100+ channels and lastly 70+ per month for 120+ channels. All plans include simultaneous streams, and offer free fire TV deals. DirecTV is the best choice if you want different local channels for NBC, so if you’re on the other side of the USA, DirecTV is your way of catching the Kentucky Derby.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers one subscription package, for 40 dollars a month; you will be getting 73 different channels although this may vary based on your location. YouTube has recently partnered up with NBC, ABC, and Fox stations so this is also a good choice for catching the live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby.

PlayStation Vue

Using the PlayStation Vue doesn’t actually require you to own a PlayStation. This is an internet TV provided by Sony that offers reasonable amount of channels for its price. The four different packages available to you are: 45 dollars a month for 45 channels, 50 dollars a month for 60 channels, 60 dollars a month for 84 channels and lastly 80 dollars a month for all elite channels plus HBO or Showtime. Local networks are available for every plan so you wouldn’t need to worry when you want to catch the live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby if you live in Kentucky yourself.

OTA (Over The Air) Antenna

If you live in Kentucky and want to follow the live coverage of the annual Derby, you don’t need to worry about different plans internet streaming. NBC and other local stations are available for free if you have an OTA Antenna, and here I will teach you how to set it up.

  • Check NBC station availability – To check your local station’s availability, visit an antenna website and enter your ZIP code. This would provide you with the signal strength of the network and some even recommend antennas.
  • Buy the right OTA – If you live somewhere near broadcast stations, you can use indoor antennas because it will be easier for your T.V to receive signal. However if you live farther away, you might need to resort to outdoor antennas which can be quite expensive.
  • Scan for channels – Most antennas include a manual, follow the instructions on how you can set it up and scan for channels. Do this right and you will be able to see your local NBC station and other local networks.
  • Catch your favorite shows! – Once you’re all set up, the only thing left to do is waiting for the live coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby and you’re good to go.

Watch Kentucky Derby On Other Social Media Platforms

We can expect that the Kentucky Derby would be updating us live from their social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and pinterest. Follow all their accounts at @kentuckyderby and posts #kyderby for continuous update on the journey leading to the event and live coverage on the day of the Kentucky Derby itself.


The Kentucky Derby Day will also be available on facebook. The Kentucky Derby facebook page would be covering live from the Churchill Downs Backside starting at 7:30am ET, on the Derby Day itself.

Facebook live streams of the event would allow the world’s largest online audience to follow the racing event, and would provide them unique engagement such as real time commenting and live reactions that will allow the hosts of this live stream to interact. People from all around the globe will be able to follow and enjoy behind the scenes of this racing event, and the Derby itself. In the past years, facebook has become an active member in live sports streaming, making their content available for free for everyone. So we can expect that the streaming of Churchill Downs Backside during the Derby Day would be available for all on facebook.

How to get tickets for the Kentucky Derby 2019

2019 Kentucky Derby Tickets Guide

The Kentucky Derby is the annual horse racing event where people from all around the world get together to experience this week long event all leading up to the most exciting two minutes in sports. If this festivity is a part of your family tradition, then I’m sure you won’t need this article, but if this is your first time celebrating the event in Churchill Downs, then please continue.

There are several of tickets to choose from when you want to attend the Kentucky Derby. From the one day general admission to packages with 2-Day seating that includes private parties, hotel reservations, paddock tours and more. Today we will discuss the different tickets, how to get them and what is best suited for you.

General Admission

The general admission tickets offer you your own chair or picnic blanket to watch either or both Kentucky Derby and Oaks. Prices for the Kentucky Oaks general admission tickets vary from 40 dollars to 60 dollars. Prices are cheaper when you buy as an early bird and online. General admission tickets for the Kentucky Derby costs between 60 to 80 dollars, depending on when you buy them. Ticket selling has started last year of November and will continue to become available until the day of the event (May 3rd for Kentucky Oaks and May 4th for the Kentucky Derby.)

There are also general admissions tickets that allow you to attend the 2-Day event for a cheaper price, buying tickets from November 17 to December 31 will cost you 95 dollars. If you didn’t catch last year’s ticket selling window, the 2-Day general admission tickets are also available from January 1 to April 21 for 105 dollars.

Reserved Outdoor Seating

This reserved seating tickets offer you three different outdoor seat locations for both the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. The three locations are the Grandstand Bleacher-style Seats, the Grandstand Stadium-style seats and the Box Seats.

The Grandstand Bleacher-style Seats are located the first and second floors of the facility, in sections 121-128 for the first floor and sections 222-225 for the second floor. The price for each grandstand bleacher ticket varies from 340 dollars to 500 dollars, all inclusive of the 2-Day racing event.

The Grandstand Stadium-style Seats are on the second level of the facility located in sections 226-228. The price for each seat ranges from 422 dollars to 460 dollars, inclusive for both the Kentucky Derby and Oaks.

The Box Seats are group seats for six people found on the first, second and third floors of the facilities. First floor box ranges from 2,499 dollars to 3,100 dollars, second floor boxes vary from 4,000 dollars to 4,500 dollars and third floor boxes are priced at 5,995 dollars, all tickets include access to both the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks.

Outdoor Seating with Hospitality

If you want the full experience of the Kentucky Derby dirt race, then you might want to consider buying tickets for the Kentucky Derby outdoor seating with hospitality. This ticket includes covered outdoor reserved seating with food and beverages, and admission to both Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks days.

Angry Orchard Club gives you an amazing view of the Kentucky Derby horses as the starting gate are right in front of your seat. Tickets provide 2-day access to events, catering and premium open bar, access to wagering windows, in-lounge televisions and Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks souvenirs.

The Courtyard offers a seat in front of the race itself and even access to winning celebrations. Tickets offer indoor food with premium open bar, and have beverage hospitality area that serves you small plates during the race.

Vineyard Vines Club offers guests to view the famous Kentucky Derby walkover and includes food and beverages inclusive of access to both Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks event dates. Tickets for the uncovered seats are priced at 876 dollars per person and the covered seats are available for 976 dollars per ticket.

Roof Garden tickets give you access to the top of the Starting Gate Suits. Admission to the rooftop bar, balcony and 3rd floor clubhouse would allow guests to have a panoramic view of Louisville and a full view of the Kentucky Derby tracks. This ticket for the 2 day event is priced at a reasonable 1,799 dollars.

Plaza Balcony offers guests reservation for a 6 seating dining table that presents chef’s table buffet. The location of the plaza also provides guests an overlooking view of the paddock area, where jocks make their way to the race. This exclusive ticket includes access to all of these for two days at a price of 8,112 dollars.

Indoor Dining

The Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks, also offer view from your indoor private table if watching sports outdoors is not your thing. The all inclusive dining experience offers catering and premium open bars, betting machines and in-suite televisions. Tickets sold for the 2-Day event include the following locations:

•        Millionaires Row & Skye Terrace Dining Rooms and

•        Luxury Trackside Club

Private Suites

Kentucky Derby and Kentucky oaks also offer private suites for you and your guests. If you’re a person who loves the finer things in life then corporate hospitality and private suites are the perfect admission for you – these locations offer breath taking views of the race and exclusive fine dining specially catered to you. Suite venues are offered as follows:

•        Starting Gate Suites (capacity of 28 to 64 people)

•        Jockey Club Suites (capacity of 22 to 50 people)

•        Finish Line suites (capacity of 40 people)

•        Turf Suites (capacity of 80 to 400 people)

•        Winner Circle Suites (capacity of 18 people) and

•        First Turn Suites (capacity of 80 to 150 people)

Buy tickets

Now that you’ve chosen you’re preferred accommodation, the only thing left to do is to buy the tickets. Tickets are all available online at, the sooner you buy the tickets the cheaper they are for you. Deliveries of tickets are available with mobile delivery and USPS mail. However if you wish wait until the day of the event, tickets will be sold on the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks days at the gate of the venue.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Horses List

The List of Horses for the 145th Kentucky Derby

If you’re not aware yet, Kentucky Derby is nearing, that means the lavish lifestyle of fancy hats and silver cupped cocktails are right around the corner. But I won’t talk about that, now we will talk about the main event of the Kentucky Derby that has become a tradition for many American families, the horses. This horse racing event is an annual program where every year, hundreds of thousands of people bet on will triumph on the America’s derby. If you’re planning on betting then you need to know who to bet on, here are the horses of this year’s season, their ranks, their points and their stakes:






          Non-Restricted Stakes Earnings

1        War of Will

60      Gary Barber  Mark Casse   $440,840

2        Game Winner

30      Gary & Mary West   Bob Baffert   $1,460,000

3        Country House

20      Mrs. J.V. Shields, E.J.M McFadden Jr. & LNJ Foxwoods (Larry, Nanci& Jamie Roth)  Bill Mott        $80,000

4        Knicks Go

18      KRA Stud Farm (Jin Woo Lee)     Ben Colebrook        $662,085

5        Signalman

18      Tommie M. Lewis and Magdalena Racing (Sherri McPeek)    Kenny McPeek          $392,840

6        Gunmetal Gray

18      Hollendorfer LLC, Pearl Racing & West Point Thoroughbreds (Terry Finley)          Jerry Hollendorfer   $210,000

7        Long Range Toddy

16      Willis Horton Racing LLC   Steve Asmussen     $380,000

8        Mucho Gusto

14      Michael Lund Petersen       Bob Baffert   $210,000

9        Maximus Mischief

12      Cash is King LLC (Charles J. Zacney et al) & L C Racing LLC (Glenn Bennett)          “Butch” Reid Jr.       $171,100

10      Tax

12      R. A. Hill Stable, Reeves Thoroughbred Racing, Hugh Lynch & Corms Racing Stable Danny Gargan        $167,500

11      Super Steed

10      Michael Pressley & Steed Jackson          Larry Jones   $304,000

12      Mind Control

10      Red Oak Stable (Stephen Brunetti) &Madaket Stables LLC (Sol Kumin)          Gregg Sacco $295,000

13      Improbable

10      WinStar Farm LLC (Kenny Troutt), China Horse Club International Ltd. (Ah KhingTeo) & Starlight Racing (Jack Wolf et al) Bob Baffert   $239,520

14      Harvey Wallbanger

10      Harold Lerner LLC, AWC Stables, Nehoc Stables, Scott K. Akman& Paul Braverman   Kenny McPeek        $208,320

15      Well Defined

10      Stonehedge LLC      Kathy O’Connell      $172,970

16      Gray Attempt

10      Dwight Pruett         Jinks Fires     $136,666

17      Anothertwistafate

10      Peter Redekop B. C. Ltd.   Blaine Wright          $60,000

18      Roiland

10      James & Mary Durlacher   Tom Amoss   $47,460

19      Hog Creek Hustle

9        Something Special Racing LLC (Patty Tipton)   Vickie Foley  $65,000

20      Sueno

8        Silverton Hill LLC (Bonnie & Tommy Hamilton)          Keith Desormeaux          $165,000

When you bet, you want to want to know the difference of Win-Place-Show Bets. The win wager is betting that the one horse you put all your money into, wins first place. The Place wager is betting your horse to finish in the top 2. Lastly the show wager is betting that your horse finishes first, second or third. If you’re new to betting, I suggest start off with the show wager as this offers the greatest chance of winning. But if you’re a risk taker, the win wager is the way to go as this yield the highest payoff.

Past performance and Analysis

Past performance of the horses would also help you decide which horse will win the Kentucky derby, especially if you’re new to betting. The twenty contenders’ information below will show you the results of the latest race that happened on the road to the Kentucky Derby.

Last Race BRIS Speed/Class Ratings by Kentucky Derby Qualifiers



          Speed Rating

          Class Rating

          Last Race (finish)

1        War of Will    96      119.7  Risen Star (1st)

2        Game Winner         103     121.5  Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (1st)

3        Country House        93      118.3  Risen Star (2nd)

4        Knicks Go     84      113.7  Sam F. Davis (5th)

5        Signalman    95      119.8  Kentucky Jockey Club (1st)

6        Gunmetal Gray       89      115.0  Robert B. Lewis (2nd)

7        Long Range Toddy  91      118.1  Southwest (3rd)

8        Mucho Gusto 95      117.7  Robert B. Lewis (1st)

9        Maximus Mischief    93      117.5  Holy Bull (3rd)

10      Tax     102     117.3  Withers (1st)

11      Super Steed  94      119.4  Southwest (1st)

12      Mind Control 96      117.8  Jerome (1st)

13      Improbable   100     119.8  Los Alamitos Futurity (1st)

14      Harvey Wallbanger 95      118.4  Holy Bull (1st)

15      Well Defined 99      119.2  Sam F. Davis (1st)

16      Gray Attempt          75      113.2  Southwest (11th)

17      Anothertwistafate   99      118.3  El Camino Real Derby (1st)

18      Roiland         91      117.5  Risen Star (3rd)

19      Hog Creek Hustle    89      116.6  Risen Star (4th)

20      Sueno 93      118.6  Southwest (2nd)

Now that you have all the information you need about this season’s horses, get ready to wear your extravagant hats and carry your cocktails around the weeklong event, because soon enough you will need to start betting on the horse that you think has the best chance of winning this year’s 145th Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Prize Money

How much is the winner’s prize money for Kentucky Derby 2019?

The Derby purse, which is divided to the first 5 finishers, has been at a whopping 2 million dollars ever since 2005. The winner gets a guaranteed 62% of the purse, or 1.24 million, and the rest would be divided to the first five finishers of the race. The stakes have increased from 1 million dollars, since 2004, thanks to the increase of bettors. The use of electronic betting helped Churchill Downs raise the stakes of the Kentucky Derby, and has helped rehabilitate their historical racing machines. This rehabilitation serves an investment to the Churchill Downs, as this helps their Kentucky horsemen, as well as the horse racing and breeding industry.

This year, Churchill Downs has added another million more than last year’s total prize, making 2019’s Kentucky purse raise significantly to 3 million dollars. The winners of this horse racing event will receive as follows: the first to finish will earn the prize of 1.86 million dollars, followed by the runner up who will earn 600,000 dollars, then the third place with 300,000 dollars, fourth place with 150,000 and lastly the fifth place with 90,000 dollars.

On the fifth of May this year, we will witness the grandest race Kentucky Derby has performed with the highest Kentucky purse it has ever earned. We can expect that there would be more than 150,000,000 dollars would be put on wager by bettors on the Kentucky Derby.

Winners of the Kentucky Derby in the previous years

2017 Always Dreaming John R. Velazquez Todd Pletcher Brooklyn Boyz Stables 2:03.59
2016 Nyquist Mario Gutierrez Doug F. O’Neill Reddam Racing LLC 2:01:31
2015 American Pharoah Victor Espinoza Bob Baffert Ahmed Zayat 2:03.02
2014 California Chrome Victor Espinoza Art Sherman Steve and Carolyn Coburn & Perry and Denise Martin 2:03.66
2013 Orb Joel Rosario Claude R. “Shug” McGaughey III Stuart Janney III & Phipps Stable (Ogden Mills “Dinny” Phipps) 2:02.89
2012 I’ll Have Another Mario Gutierrez Doug O’Neill J. Paul Reddam 2:01.83
2011 Animal Kingdom John Velazquez H. Graham Motion Team Valor International 2:02.04
2010 Super Saver Calvin Borel Todd Pletcher WinStar Farm LLC. 2:04.45
2009 Mine That Bird Calvin Borel Bennie Woolley Jr. Double Eagle Ranch & Bueno Suerte Equine 2:02.66
2008 Big Brown Kent Desormeaux Richard Dutrow, Jr. IEAH Stable (Michael Iavarone) and Paul P. Pompa Jr. 2:01.82
2007 Street Sense Calvin Borel Carl Nafzger James B. Tafel 2:02.17
2006 Barbaro Edgar Prado Michael Matz Lael Stables (Roy & Gretchen Jackson) 2:01.36
2005 Giacomo Mike Smith John Shirreffs Mr. & Mrs. Jerome S. Moss 2:02.75
2004 Smarty Jones Stewart Elliott John Servis Someday Farm 2:04.06
2003 Funny Cide José Santos Barclay Tagg Sackatoga Stable (Jackson Knowlton) 2:01.19
2002 War Emblem Victor Espinoza Bob Baffert The Thoroughbred Corporation 2:01.13
2001 Monarchos Jorge Chavez John T. Ward, Jr. John C. Oxley 1:59.97
2000 Fusaichi Pegasus Kent Desormeaux Neil D. Drysdale FusaoSekiguchi 2:01
1999 Charismatic Chris Antley D. Wayne Lukas Robert B. & Beverly J. Lewis 2:03.29
1998 Real Quiet Kent Desormeaux Bob Baffert Mike Pegram 2:02 1/5
1997 Silver Charm Gary Stevens Bob Baffert Robert B. & Beverly J. Lewis 2:02 2/5
1996 Grindstone Jerry Bailey D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm 2:01
1995 Thunder Gulch Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas Michael Tabor 2:01 1/5
1994 Go for Gin Chris McCarron Nick Zito William J. Condren& Joseph M. Cornacchia 2:03 3/5
1993 Sea Hero Jerry Bailey MacKenzie “Mack” Miller Rokeby Stable 2:02
1992 Lil E. Tee Pat Day Lynn Whiting W. Cal Partee 2:03
1991 Strike the Gold Chris Antley Nick Zito BCC Stable 2:03
1990 Unbridled Craig Perret Carl Nafzger Frances A. Genter 2:02
1989 Sunday Silence Patrick Valenzuela Charles Edward Whittingham H-G-W Partners 2:05
1988 Winning Colors Gary Stevens D. Wayne Lukas Eugene V. Klein 2:02 1/5
1987 Alysheba Chris McCarron Charles “Jack” Van Berg D. & P. Scharbauer 2:03
1986 Ferdinand William Shoemaker Charles Edward Whittingham Elizabeth A. Keck 2:02 4/5
1985 Spend a Buck Angel Cordero, Jr. Cam Gambolati Dennis Diaz 2:00 1/5
1984 Swale Laffit Pincay, Jr. Woodford C. Stephens Claiborne Farm 2:02 2/5
1983 Sunny’s Halo Eddie Delahoussaye David C. Cross, Jr. D. J. Foster Stable 2:02 1/5
1982 Gato Del Sol Eddie Delahoussaye Edwin J. Gregson Hancock & Peters 2:02 2/5
1981 Pleasant Colony Jorge Velasquez John P. Campo Buckland Farm 2:02
1980 Genuine Risk Jacinto Vasquez LeRoy Jolley Diana M. Firestone 2:02
1979 Spectacular Bid Ronnie Franklin Grover Delp Hawksworth Farm 2:02 2/5
1978 Affirmed Steve Cauthen Lazaro Barrera Harbor View Farm 2:01 1/5
1977 Seattle Slew Jean Cruguet Wm. H. Turner, Jr. Karen L. Taylor 2:02 1/5
1976 Bold Forbes Angel Cordero, Jr. Lazaro Barrera E. Rodriguez Tizol 2:01 3/5
1975 Foolish Pleasure Jacinto Vasquez LeRoy Jolley John L. Greer 2:02
1974 Cannonade Angel Cordero, Jr. Woodford C. Stephens John M. Olin 2:04
1973 Secretariat Ron Turcotte Lucien Laurin Meadow Stable 1:59 2/5
1972 Riva Ridge Ron Turcotte Lucien Laurin Meadow Stud 2:01 4/5
1971 Canonero II Gustavo Avila Juan Arias Edgar Caibett 2:03 1/5
1970 Dust Commander Mike Manganello Don Combs Robert E. Lehmann 2:03 2/5
1969 Majestic Prince William Hartack John Longden Frank M. McMahon 2:01 4/5
1968 Forward Pass Ismael Valenzuela Henry Forrest Calumet Farm 2:02 1/5
1967 Proud Clarion Robert Ussery Loyd Gentry, Jr. Darby Dan Farm 2:00 3/5
1966 Kauai King Don Brumfield Henry Forrest Ford Stable 2:02
1965 Lucky Debonair William Shoemaker Frank Catrone Ada L. Rice 2:01 1/5
1964 Northern Dancer William Hartack Horatio Luro Windfields Farm 2:00
1963 Chateaugay Braulio Baeza James P. Conway Darby Dan Farm 2:01 4/5
1962 Decidedly William Hartack Horatio Luro El Peco Ranch 2:00 2/5
1961 Carry Back John Sellers Jack Price Katherine Price 2:04
1960 Venetian Way William Hartack Victor J. Sovinski Sunny Blue Farm 2:02 2/5
1959 Tomy Lee William Shoemaker Frank E. Childs Fred & Juliette Turner 2:02 1/5
1958 Tim Tam Ismael Valenzuela H. A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:05
1957 Iron Liege William Hartack H. A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:01 1/5
1956 Needles David Erb Hugh Fontaine D & H Stable 2:03 2/5
1955 Swaps William Shoemaker M. A. Tenney Rex C. Ellsworth 2:01 4/5
1954 Determine Raymond York William Molter Andrew J. Crevolin 2:03
1953 Dark Star Henry Moreno Eddie Hayward Cain Hoy Stable 2:02
1952 Hill Gail Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:01 3/5
1951 Count Turf Conn McCreary Sol Rutchick Jack J. Amiel 2:02 3/5
1950 Middleground William Boland Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:01 3/5
1949 Ponder Steve Brooks Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:04 1/5
1948 Citation Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:05 2/5
1947 Jet Pilot Eric Guerin Tom Smith Maine Chance Farm 2:06 4/5
1946 Assault Warren Mehrtens Max Hirsch King Ranch 2:06 3/5
1945 Hoop Jr. Eddie Arcaro Ivan H. Parke Fred W. Hooper 2:07
1944 Pensive Conn McCreary Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:04 1/5
1943 Count Fleet John Longden G. D. Cameron Fannie Hertz 2:04
1942 Shut Out Wayne D. Wright John Milton Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 2:04 2/5
1941 Whirlaway Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 2:01 2/5
1940 Gallahadion Carroll Bierman Roy Waldron Milky Way Farm 2:05
1939 Johnstown James Stout Jame Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:03 2/5
1938 Lawrin Eddie Arcaro Ben A. Jones Herbert M. Woolf 2:04 4/5
1937 War Admiral CharleKurtsinger George Conway Glen Riddle Farm 2:03 1/5
1936 Bold Venture Ira Hanford Max Hirsch Morton L. Schwartz 2:03 3/5
1935 Omaha William Saunders Jame Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:05
1934 Cavalcade Mack Garner Robert A. Smith Brookmeade Stable 2:04
1933 Brokers Tip Don Meade Herbert John Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:06 4/5
1932 Burgoo King Basil James Herbert John Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:05 1/5
1931 Twenty Grand CharleKurtsinger James Rowe, Jr. Greentree Stable 2:01 4/5
1930 Gallant Fox Earl Sande Jame Fitzsimmons Belair Stud 2:07 3/5
1929 Clyde Van Dusen Linus McAtee Clyde Van Dusen Herbert P. Gardner 2:10 4/5
1928 Reigh Count Charle Lang Bert Michell Fannie Hertz 2:10 2/5
1927 Whiskery Linus McAtee Fred Hopkins Harry P. Whitney 2:06
1926 Bubbling Over Albert Johnson Herbert John Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:03 4/5
1925 Flying Ebony Earl Sande William Duke Gifford A. Cochran 2:07 3/5
1924 Black Gold John D. Mooney Hanly Webb Rosa M. Hoots 2:05 1/5
1923 Zev Earl Sande D. J. Leary Rancocas Stable 2:05 2/5
1922 Morvich Albert Johnson Fred Burlew Benjamin Block 2:04 3/5
1921 Behave Yourself Charles Thompson Herbert John Thompson Edward R. Bradley 2:04 1/5
1920 Paul Jones Ted Rice William Garth Ral Parr 2:09
1919 Sir Barton John Loftus H. Guy Bedwell J. K. L. Ross 2:09 4/5
1918 Exterminator William Knapp Henry McDaniel Willis Sharpe Kilmer 2:10 4/5
1917 Omar Khayyam Charles Borel C. T. Patterson Billings & Johnson 2:04 3/5
1916 George Smith John Loftus Hollie Hughes John Sanford 2:04
1915 Regret Joe Notter James Rowe, Sr. Harry P. Whitney 2:05 2/5
1914 Old Rosebud John McCabe Frank D. Weir Hamilton C. Applegate 2:03 2/5
1913 Donerail Roscoe Goose Thomas P. Hayes Thomas P. Hayes 2:04 4/5
1912 Worth Carroll Hugh Shilling Frank M. Taylor Henry C. Hallenbeck 2:09 2/5
1911 Meridian George Archibald Albert Ewing Richard F. Carman 2:05
1910 Donau Robert Herbert George Ham William Gerst 2:06 2/5
1909 Wintergreen Vincent Powers Charles Mack Jerome B. Respess 2:08 1/5
1908 Stone Street Arthur Pickens J. W. Hall C. E. & J. W. Hamilton 2:15 1/5
1907 Pink Star Andy Minder W. H. Fizer J. Hal Woodford 2:12 3/5
1906 Sir Huon Roscoe Troxler Pete Coyne Bashford Manor Stable 2:08 4/5
1905 Agile Jack Martin Robert Tucker Samuel S. Brown 2:10 3/4
1904 Elwood Frank Prior Charle E. Durnell Mrs. C. E. Durnell 2:08 1/2
1903 Judge Himes Harold Booker John P. Mayberry Charles R. Ellison 2:09
1902 Alan-a-Dale Jimmy Winkfield Thomas Clay McDowell Thomas Clay McDowell 2:08 3/4
1901 His Eminence Jimmy Winkfield Frank B. Van Meter Frank B. Van Meter 2:07 3/4
1900 Lieut. Gibson Jimmy Boland Charles Hughes Charles H. Smith 2:06 1/2
1899 Manuel Fred Taral Robert Walden A. H. & D. H. Morris 2:12
1898 Plaudit Willie Simms John E. Madden John E. Madden 2:09
1897 Typhoon II Buttons Garner J. C. Cahn J. C. Cahn 2:12 1/2
1896 Ben Brush Willie Simms Hardy Campbell, Jr. Mike F. Dwyer 2:07 3/4
1895 Halma Soup Perkins Byron McClelland Byron McClelland 2:37 1/2
1894 Chant Frank Goodale H. Eugene Leigh Leigh & Rose 2:41
1893 Lookout Eddie Kunze William McDaniel Cushing & Orth 2:39 1/4
1892 Azra Alonzo Clayton John H. Morris Bashford Manor Stable 2:41 1/2
1891 Kingman Isaac Murphy Dud Allen Jacobin Stable 2:52 1/4
1890 Riley Isaac Murphy Edward Corrigan Edward Corrigan 2:45
1889 Spokane Thomas Kiley John Rodegap Noah Armstrong 2:34 1/2
1888 Macbeth II George Coving John Campbell Chicago Stable 2:38 1/4
1887 Montrose Isaac Lewis John McGinty Labold Brothers 2:39 1/4
1886 Ben Ali Paul Duffy Jim Murphy J. B. A. Haggin 2:36 1/2
1885 Joe Cotton Erkine Henderson Abe Perry James T. Williams 2:37 1/4
1884 Buchanan Isaac Murphy William Bird William Cottrill 2:40 1/4
1883 Leonatus William Donohue Raleigh Colston Chinn & Morgan 2:43
1882 Apollo Babe Hurd Green B. Morris Morris & Patton 2:40 1/4
1881 Hindoo James McLaughlin James G. Rowe, Sr. Dwyer Bros. Stable 2:40
1880 Fonso George Garret Lewis Tice Hutsell J. Snell Shawhan 2:37 1/2
1879 Lord Murphy Charlie Shauer George Rice Darden & Co 2:37
1878 Day Star Jimmy Carter Lee Paul T. J. Nichols 2:37 1/4
1877 Baden-Baden William Walker Edward D. Brown Daniel Swigert 2:38
1876 Vagrant Bobby Swim James Williams William Astor, Jr. 2:38 1/4
1875 Aristides Oliver Lewis Ansel Williamson Hal P. McGrath 2:37 3/4

Betting Winners

During the Kentucky Derby, the competing participants are not the only winners. Bettors from all around the world earn themselves almost as big as the first place winner, if not, maybe more. Last year, during the 144th Kentucky Derby, a woman from Texas who did not want to be identified made an 18 dollar wager that led her to win 1.2 million. It is not uncommon for this sport of the millionaires to earn millions of payback from their bets; however it is extremely rare when a little amount of bet such as 18 dollars to come back as 1.2 million dollars. In fact, Begnetto, a spokeswoman from Retama Park stated that last year’s incident was a first time at Retama.

So if you’re thinking that the prize money of the competitors is a prize you want, bet on the Kentucky Derby and maybe with a little bit of luck and a lot of information analysis, you too can win millions of dollars from a small wager.

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